Pop Goes the Date

Story Sent in by Jose:

I had talked to Nicole online and we made plans for a date. We were to meet in a park not far from my apartment. I arrived first and sat on a bench and waited.

I was there for about 15 minutes when all of a sudden there was a huge bang behind me. I shouted, jumped away from the bench, and turned around.

There was Nicole with the remnants of a balloon she had just popped. "Surprise!" she said.

I yelled, "Why the hell did you do that?" I was really upset. Who does that? A little kid?

She cried, "I was just trying to make you laugh!" and then ran away.

I picked up the balloon bits from the ground (I hate litter) and threw them away before heading home. I consider myself lucky, truth be told. What if we lived together? Or we had kids? Is that how she'd wake up her family in the morning?


  1. I think you may have overreacted just a smidgen. Yeah, that was a stupid joke, but screaming at someone just because you got an adrenaline rush is a bit much. I think a bewildered "Why?!?" would have worked, and probably wouldn't have made your date cry. You'll never find your Manic Pixie Dream Girl if you can't put up with a little quirkiness.

  2. I yelled, "Why the hell did you do that?"

    Unless you have PTSD or something, this is a huge overreaction.

    No, I don't understand why she thought it would make you LAUGH, but she's not the only bad date in the story.

  3. OP proceeded to get up and go straight to his Chinese restaurant of choice...

    Definitely overreacted. Try not to do so much coke before your next date.

  4. Hey, maybe OP had a bad experience with a balloon once. Who knows what a balloon did to his friends.

  5. I would have laughed if someone did that to me, but I get that it is a bit weird for a first meet. OP definitely overreacted on this one

  6. Yes OP what if she DID wake up you and your kids that way? THE HORROR

  7. I went on a first date where we threw water balloons at the tenants he rented his house to.

    Would have married that dude.

    Irrelevant, but still. Calm your tits.

  8. No matter whether OP's overreacted or not, what a fecking idiotic thing to do to someone on a first date!

    So perhaps OP's reaction was not anger at popping a balloon, but at this girl's stupidity?

  9. Seems like the girl thought this would be a whimsical romantic gesture that you'd share later on. That she'd make an awesome first impression. Maybe her social skills weren't all there... but I'd definitely find OP the bad date.

  10. I'm on OP's side. I hate loud noises and unexpected loud noises are the worst. I'm thinking OP probably has HSP/SPD issues, so I'm sympathetic. I highly doubt I would stick around for someone whose idea of a greeting is to set off my fight-or-flight response...


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