Story Sent in by Andrew:

I met Jess online and was supposed have a date with her in a coffee shop. After I had been there for a few minutes, a girl in a blouse and jeans who definitely wasn't Jess came up to me and said, "Are you supposed to be meeting Jess here?"

I said, "Yes. And you are?"

She said, "That's not important right now. I'm from the future and I'm here to tell you that you have to leave before she gets here. If you meet her, it'll set into motion a chain of events that'll result in a global pandemic."

"Come again?"

"You have to leave! Now! She's on her way and if you meet up with her the world as you know it will end! Please!"

I played along and said, "So if I leave, does that mean you'll disappear?"

She nodded. "If you don't meet her, there will be no need for me to come back in time to warn you. Just leave. Quickly!"

I said, "But the very fact that you're here now indicates that I didn't leave and that Jess and I will meet tonight as planned."

"Only if you stay! Trust me!"

I asked, "Can you prove you're from the future?"

She said, "Later this week there will be a giant earthquake in Nepal. If there isn't, you'll know I'm lying. Go. Now."

I knew that Jess had likely asked this friend to find a creative way to stand me up. I had to admit that it was an imaginative ruse. I thought about having some more fun with her but I realized that I'd just be delaying the inevitable no-show of Jess and I'd also be putting her friend in an even more uncomfortable spot than she was already in.

I said, "Okay, then. Have a good night," and left without further ado. I didn't look back to see if the friend vanished into thin air or not. I also didn't contact Jess (what would have been the point?). In any event, the day that this happened was Monday, April 20th, 2015.

That Saturday, April 25th, a massive earthquake really, truly hit Nepal. I know it was a complete coincidence, but it's something I won't forget anytime soon.


  1. It's sad what Kitty has been reduced to ever since Logan stole her moment in the sun...

  2. Fizziks and I discussed time travel once. She posited that time travel could not possibly exist and pointed to Donald Trump being president as proof. "If time travel existed, someone would have come back to stop that from happening." I countered with the fact that Donald Trump being president is proof positive that time travel exists. It is the only possible explanation for how someone that inept and crazy could have been elected.

    1. If time travel exists, it would be proof of predetermination. This implies that attempts of coming from the future to change the course of events and alter the future will always fail... And perhaps even cause those events.

      Unless of course there are an infinity of parallel universes, each pair of universes created when two different events at a quantum level could equally happen (i.e.: each time Schroedinger puts a cat in the box, it creates a universe where the cat is alive and one where he is dead). This means that it is pointless for a traveler to go back in the past to change an event since 1- the timeline he or she left won't be altered and will continue unchanged. 2- when this person goes back in the future, he or she will find a world completely different than what they left because they will just go down a different timeline...

      There you go, my contribution to science.

  3. I bet that friend felt a bit responsible for it all after that actually happened. Irrationally of course, but still

  4. Well. There it is. The best one I'll ever read on here.

  5. "What do we want!?!"


    "When do we want it!?!"


  6. And now we're in the midst of a global pandemic, so... you know that was Jess, right, and you doomed us all? Good job, OP.


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