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Story Sent in by Deena:

I was all set to go out on my date with Chad but he texted me right before I left my house: "I HAVE HAD TOO MUCH COFFEE TODAY AND I CANNOT SIT STILL. WE CAN DO SOMETHING VERY ACTIVE OR POSTPONE."

I was ready to leave and it wasn't really my fault that the guy couldn't keep tabs on his caffeine intake. I told him we could take a walk or something and that he'd just have to let me know if he couldn't handle it.

We met in a park and not three minutes after our introductions he shook like a leaf in winter, did a somersault on the ground, a whole bunch of jumping jacks, and then ran around me in circles.

I said, "Maybe we should just postpone this."

He said, "No! Shake with me! It'll make me feel more comfortable."

I turned him down, he wiggled his fingers in all directions, then said, "I've had too much coffee today and I can't sit still."

I said, "Maybe go drink some water?"

"Brilliant!" he said, and then he ran across the street to an electronics store. I didn't follow him in and after a few more moments of consideration I strolled away.


  1. Whatever this guy was on, it sure as hell wasn't coffee

  2. This is what happens when you give Strong Sad caffeine

  3. Not meth, not coke. Just cold feet. Another for my upcoming book: "1001 ways to act like an idiot so you don't have to tell your date you're not into them"

    1. But he came up with that before he had even met her.

  4. I have ADHD and when I consume caffeine I get jittery and hyper but not stupid. There was something else going on with Chad for a grown man to be acting in such a way. I think either drugs or maybe he just needed an excuse for being waaay too nervous.


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