Foul Humors

Story Sent in by Cierra:

I was out to dinner on a first date with Roger. I had ordered a salad with a side of mashed red potatoes. Right after the food arrived he told me to close my eyes for a surprise. After a minute he told me to open my eyes.

He had covered his entire face with nearly all of my mashed potatoes and said, "I'm the abominable snowman!" and laughed.

My mashed potatoes glopped off his face and into his own food and onto the table. I pretended to laugh and said, "Can you go ahead and order me some new mashed potatoes?"

He laughed and refused. I asked, "You seriously won't?"

He replied, "Absolutely not. It's not my fault you don't have a sense of humor."

I said, "You're right. I really need to loosen up."

He nodded and dug into his food. I ate some of mine then excused myself to use the restroom. But I left and didn't look back.

A while later he messaged me a very misogynistic and angry text.

I wrote back, "It's not my fault you don't have a sense of humor."

He probably continued on his tirade long after that but I blocked him immediately after sending that message so I really don't know or care.


  1. There should always be a meet and greet before the first date so you know the person can handle themselves in public. Roger is a manby(man baby).They like to play with their food and get testy when people don't find them funny or cute. Op did the best thing by leaving but she should of left sooner. I never fall for the close your eyes ruse. Nothing good ever comes of it. If anyone dared to touch my food I would bitch slap them like Batman, then bend it like Beckham and go for the score. If they happened to mess with my steak then it would be a big mistake for them.I would have to go all Kill Bill volume 2 on them.

    1. Please, you know you could have put at least three more movie references in there.

  2. Right with you, MelSmiles. Until you know spmeone never never fall for the close your eyes trick. Lucky it was just potatoes and not something in the drink.

  3. You're right Briana, I could thrown in some fight cub references but first rule of fight club is:you don't talk about fight club.


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