Rolling Error

Story Sent in by Morgan:

In high school I dated Nora for a couple of weeks when she invited me to her house where she lived with her parents. She let me inside and sat me at the kitchen table and she said she'd be right back.

I waited there for her for about a minute when a big middle-aged woman lumbered in. She wore an apron and brandished a rolling pin. I figured it was Nora's mother and I was about to introduce myself when she slammed the rolling pin down on the table right in front of me.

I jumped right out of the chair and ran out of the house like a demon was after me. I drove all the way home and didn't stop.

Nora texted me to ask me where I was. I explained to her that a woman with a rolling pin nearly bludgeoned me to death for no apparent reason.

Nora's response? "You're a jerk."

We never hung out again.


  1. That's what happens when you try and date one of the HoneyBooBoo girls. Mamma June won't be putting up with your shit.

  2. This reads like allegedly humorous mom-type intends to scare OP and it will all, eventually, be in good fun. Except OP is less hip to the scene and, sensibly, does not like being a cag in some sitcom set-up designed to make sure he "respects" his date. The problem with these kinds of people -- whether it is this mom or some dad who meets you at the door and points out that he owns a shotgun (ha, ha, I might kill you some day, so funny!) -- is that if you call their bluff and actually acted angry or frightened because they have specifically or vaguely threatened violence, then you are the bad guy.

    In the end, it seems like a lack of respect and for the OP and I am completely on his side.

    1. That was a perfect description and I agree.

  3. Op overreacted. I mean sure, run out the door but speed away in the car? It wasn't like she was chasing after him. Still, the mom was wrong for doing that to someone she hadn't met yet. I guess the girl was trying to see what sort of sense of humor he had. I'm more interested in where she got the rolling pin . I could not for the life of me find one in stores so I had to order it online. Thin ,crispy, sugar cookies anyone?

    1. It was high school, after all. Kids believe all sorts of weird things, no telling what he thought might happen to him. Walmart sells rolling pins. Wood, plastic, or metal. You might have to go to a super walmart. Publix does as well.

    2. I purchased my rolling pin from the Walmart site.

  4. That was Nora's dominatrix. Morgan missed out on some sexy beatings.

  5. I'm kind of with OP, but not too much. It obviously was a practical joke that went wrong. Nora's mum possibly didn't realise how scary she was.

    On the other side, OP is a bit of a scaridy cat. I'm sure if he stayed a fraction of a second longer, the scary woman would have laughed... But he was young and impressionable I guess. Although not that young if he drove.


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