It's Nice to Feel So Safe

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About me:

I am a rocking socking dude. No one has ever beaten me in a fight. Ask anyone. There is no better man to protect you. Someone shoves you. I will throw them into the core of the earth. Someone shoulders by you. I will slam them into the stratosphere. Someone treats you bad. I will bend them in half until they are powder/nothing. If you are good to me I will always always protect you. But if you ever sneak around behind my back I will visit these fates upon you a thousandfold.


  1. This wannabe is not a real dude! Real dudes live a chill life and don't need to act tough to get ladies because ladies get the dude. This guy wishes he could bask in dudeism but he's got anger issues galore.Respect the Dude!

  2. Me thinks dude has been cheated on before...


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