Don't Leaf Yet

Email Sent in by S.:

Hi again...

I know you won't write back but please listen. I tried that plantfood you told me to try and now the it worked too well and the leaves are up to the window in my apartment and pressing against the building. They block out all the sun and it is pitch black in here unless I turn on the lights. They seem to like the lights and they grow even more when I turn them on so I keep them off. Of course this means that I have to sit in darkness all the time. I think a plant exterminator must be called (or maybe I called one already) but even by the time you read this it might be too late. Everyone in the building is panicked and the management has told us all to go to the staircases. I don't ever get a signal in there so this might be the last I hear from me. I guess it's a long way to say remember whose fault this really is.


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  1. Most imaginative way to stop a relationship!
    Oh, hang on, it's not quite. Second place really. The time traveling girl won that prize. Or maybe not. Cause it might have been true.


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