And What Isn't a Date

Email Sent in by Don:


My brother said I should write to you. I don't know why he picked you out. You look like every other guy on here with flabby lazy and confused look on your faces. Do they make you all in a factory downtown? The Guy Factory! Where the guys who populate this site are made. All from the same clay. Put you in a kiln and light you on fire ha! Now WHAT'S a date!



  1. Do any of the guys reading this have a confused look on their face?If there was any chance of sex would they jump into a hot kiln?When they made Tina they broke the mold into tiny little pieces and set the kiln on fire while Disco Inferno played in the background.Tina's Guy factory has nothing over her Bitch Boutique.

  2. Her brother is a maniac who sics his sister on men he doesn't like

    1. Or he's desperate to get her out of his basement.

  3. "Do they make you all in a factory downtown?"

    No Tina, peaches come from a factory downtown.


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