The Mad Shatter

Story Sent in by Krista:

I was on a decent date with Allen and he was nice and all but kind of weird. We were seated in a booth by a window and he kept looking outside as if he was expecting someone. In the middle of dinner he excused himself to go to the bathroom.

As I watched through the window, he went outside and pounded on my car window as if he was trying to break it. I jumped out of my seat immediately and ran outside to ask him what he was doing.

He looked shocked, as if he wasn't expecting anyone, least of all me, to confront him. He then ran for his own car and drove away, leaving me with the check. At least I still have my unbroken car windows, I guess.


  1. He was trying to make your car un-drivable so you'd have to ride in his car. Who knows what would have happened after that. Not sure what he planed to do about the grievous wounds on his hands had he succeeded in breaking your window, but this guy isn't really a rocket surgeon is he?

    1. The sad part is that's completely plausible. He was trying to break her car so he could play hero. Whether that would involve something more sinister or just him wanting to "rescue" her is debatable, but either is possible.

    2. I agree, he was looking to be a white knight, but he was too stupid to carry it out properly.

    3. I thought it was about playing the hero at first, but Architech makes me realise it could be much more sinister.

  2. Maybe he was trying to reenact the scene from Dirty Dancing, where Patrick Swayze has to break the window of the 57 Chevy so they can go on a date. So romantic!


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