Is Your Virtual Llama Taken?

Email Sent in by Lorraine:


First up, prenup. You need to be okay with that. Also I will never leave anything to any woman. I instead will leave it all to my virtual pet llama. Don't care about anything else. You can be anything else and I won't care. Any money doesn't matter. Just know I will leave nothing to you. Don't trust the woman animal. Now that that's out of the way let's talk?



  1. Thought from the headline it would be about Buddhism!

  2. Emperor Kuzco has changed his name to Dave and his grove is out of wack.

  3. Jared's clearly been reading the news!

    I wasn't thinking things through and googled the entirely wrong phrase for a funny comment and now I'm scarred for life so please excuse me while I weep and rock back and forth in the corner in the dark forever.

    1. I thought it might be the headline news I read today about a person who put up a "Found Big Dog" poster and people e-mailed them telling them it was a llama.They decided to keep the llama because it was so sweet and loving.I'm wondering if this is the guy who found and took in the llama.

  4. Virtual llama was reached for comment early this morning. Upon hearing the news of his future inheritance, his reaction was understandable.

  5. He's saving it all for the Drama Llama...


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