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Story Sent in by Lewis:

I had what I would call a great first date with Caryn. We spoke afterward for several days straight and for all intents and purposes, it seemed like she wanted to see me again. I arranged to pick her up at her house that coming Saturday evening.

On my way there she texted to let me know that her front door was open and that I should let myself in. I parked my car in front of her place and did just that.

When I entered her living room, I heard a bark, a growl, and a huge brown dog barreled straight for me. I bolted to the front door and escaped within seconds of very possibly losing a limb (or worse). The barking on the other side of the door was relentless and I pulled out my phone to text Caryn a "why-didn't-you-tell-me-about-your-killer-dog" text when I heard her yell from the other side of the door, "Did you get him, boy? No?"

And then she opened the door. "Get him!" she ordered her hell-beast. I barely made it back to my car with my life. The dog snarled at me from outside the car as Caryn laughed from her porch. I gave her the finger and drove away. She never contacted me to explain her actions. I'm not sure if she had any idea as to the size of the lawsuit she avoided.


  1. See how quickly it went from"Dear Penthouse" to "Dear God,please don't let this hell hound bite me in my "special place"!

  2. Caryn could have gotten OP seriously hurt and her own dog euthenized.

  3. Yeah, if that were me I'd wonder if Caryn would still be laughing when the cops showed up? OP should have stayed nearby in his car and called the cops.

  4. There are times I wonder, reading things like this, how many people go on dates for the sole purpose of trolling their dates?

  5. Caryn bought a guard dog and wasn't sure if the it would be up to the job if an intruder came. Since it was too risky to wait for a real intruder to test the dog (in case the dog did fail) and none of her friends (does she have any?) were suicidal enough to volonteer, she hatched this plan. Clever Caryn. But unfortunately, due to the danger such behaviour represents for the population, i think euthanasia is the most suitable course of action. Euthanasia of Caryn, of course. The dog was just doing its job.


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