He Sleeps With the Angles

Email Sent in by Christian:

So u think u are a man Christian well do u!!!! I want to go out again with u (canding maybe>) but first u need to tell me if u are with the angles or the dark angels. Everyone is born with the stain and now u have to decide which side u are on. Last three guys I dated - dark angels all even though they said at first they were angels. I do not know which one u are but I trust u. The four guys ago guy I dated was an angel and now he is an actual angel and I miss him every day RIP PETE LOVE U!!!!! When u tell me which u are then we can see what happens!!!!!



  1. I date angles. I'm a maths teacher.

  2. You have no idea how often this happens.

  3. Betsy sounds like a hoot. I'd go out with her just for the stories.


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