A Mouth to Remember

Story Sent in by Drea:

Ben and I were just walking across town on our first date. We were talking about where to go for lunch, I suggested seafood, and that launched us into a conversation about our favorite seafood. Nothing too interesting until in the middle of the conversation he grabbed my face with one hand and squeezed so that my lips parted to reveal my teeth.

"Look at those teeth! Just look at them!" he shouted.

He then let go of me and said, "I guess you can't see them, since they're in your head and all."

I near-yelled, "What was that all about?"

He said, "What was what all about?"

"That face-grab thing. You don't get to touch me like that."

He protested, "I never touched you. Never!"

He denied it over and over, even though he had very much just did it. I told him that I had to leave and so I did. So the date was unfortunately over before it had really begun.


  1. Glad you got away from that psycho, OP. Otherwise the second date would have been a home cooked seafood meal.

  2. I have trigeminal neuralgia, which is a chronic pain disorder located in the face (it's widely considered the worst chronic pain disorder known to man, and has the oh-so-charming nickname "The Suicide Disease"). Having the wind hit my face often reduces me to tears...what this guy did, would likely have sent me to the hospital. I cringed just reading it!

    1. So sorry! I have endometriosis, so I know how chronic pain feels. Thoughts and prayers💝💝


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