His and Hurls

Story Sent in by Carl:

Kay wanted to go to this dance club for our date and so we went there. It was way too loud to talk and the drinks were watered down and I thought it was crap but Kay loved it. She pounded back drink after drink and she just kind of got drunk and stupid.

Further into the night she pulled me onto the dance floor and she pressed herself against me and we danced together. Then she trembled violently and puked all over my torso. I took her off the dance floor, brought her to the bathroom, held her hair back as she puked some more, got her some water, stayed with her until she felt better, and made sure that she arrived home safe and sound. I did everything right, in other words.

The next day she called to yell at me. "Why didn't we stay at the club? Why are you so boring? Why didn't we go back out to dance after I puked? Why did you bring me home so early?"

I reminded her that she was so out of it the prior night that I was amazed she remembered any of it at all. She swore at me and said that she'd puke all over me again if she could. That wound up being our only date.


  1. So, you were doing fine, dancing and having a good time right? Then things got ugly. So you were a good guy and didn't take advantage of her and she gets pissed? Then threatens to hit you with one of these if she sees you again? I'm glad you took the high road OP. You're the real hero.

    1. Got an extra end quote in there...

      Kay sounds like she's a blast to have at a party. So long as the party is at someone else's house.

    2. I agree. Let someone else deal with her. OP did the right thing by trying to help.

  2. I do not envy the future of this girl's liver...

  3. I do not envy the future of this girl's mens' torsos either...

  4. You know it's love when he holds your hair as you puke...


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