Something to Address

Story Sent in by Andrew:

When I was out to dinner with Lynn, she asked me if I was dating anyone else. At the time, I actually was - two other people. It was early in each of the relationships, I wasn't exclusive with anyone, and my goal was to spend enough time with someone to find a girlfriend.

Lynn then pulled out her phone and apparently opened up her Notes app and asked, "Do you know where they live? Can you give me their addresses?"

I was flabbergasted. "What? Why?"

She said, "Not your concern. What are their addresses?"

"I'm not going to give you their addresses."

She put her phone away. "Fine. I'll find them myself. It'll take me 70 hours but I'll find them. And I'll remember you stonewalling me."

Yikes. After the meal I left in a hurry and blocked Lynn on all media. Nothing weird ever happened to the other people I was dating (aside from the fact that I'm still dating one of them) and so I guess Lynn's secret master plan never came to fruition.


  1. I like that she knew it would take her 70 hours. She has clearly done this kind of work before.

    1. Nothings lost until your mom or Liam can't find it.

    2. I could do it within 24 hours.I'm short and can hide in bushes with the greatest of ease and own a stellar pair of binoculars.I prefer the term" operative investigator.".


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