Scratch That

Story Sent in by Samantha:

I was having a perfectly normal first-date dinner conversation with first-date Justin when he stuck out his middle finger to me across the table and asked me to scratch it.

I gave it a couple of quick scratches and he said, "No. Longer and harder."

It was a little weird and a bit gross but I did it. He shuddered and squealed with such happiness that he attracted the attentions of others. I asked him, "What is wrong with you?"

He replied, "Nothing. I just have to change my pants, now. Excuse me." He stood up and hurried away. Presumably to the bathroom. If and when he returned, he didn't find me there.


  1. New meaning to the phrase "hand job".

    1. My college GF gave the best handies. She was a music major, and multi-instrumentalist, so she had dexterous hands with fine motor skills.

      Just thought you'd like to know that.

  2. First-date Justin couldn't hold it in, but he was probably the one behind that Lonely Island song so I think he's doing well for himself now.

    1. ...and when we're holding hands, it's like having sex with me...

  3. Why the hostility punkpoodle? Do you know OP, or have you had a similar experience? You seem very, very angry, and there must be a reason.

  4. No, I had teenage daughter. And it was soooo blantantly obvious.


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