But Does it Make a Sound?

Story Sent in by William:

Joni thought that yoga would be a great idea for a first date. She was a regular practitioner and I had been exactly twice before, years ago.

I did all right up until we hit tree pose. I wobbled a fair amount and the teacher came over to help steady me. I didn't think it was a big deal. In fact, I thought it was kind of funny. But when the class was over Joni rolled up her mat and headed out in a hurry, almost as if she wanted to ditch me.

I caught up with her and she said, "You humiliated me in there! Now I can never go back! And it was my favorite studio, too! Thanks a lot!"

"Just because I wobbled on tree pose?"

"You suck!" she said and then she stormed away.


  1. Having dealt with a basic bitch last night at the gym, I definitely feel for OP. It doesn't sound like he was being disrespectful or rude, he simply didn't have core strength (something I'm overly familiar with since I also have none). If he warned her he hadn't really done any yoga, then what did she expect? Maybe he's just more of a relaxed fishing kind of guy.

  2. Excellent case of a woman who clearly needs a few more yoga classes, or a Xanax.

  3. OP should have given you a break OP. I mean, you did say you'd not been in a while. How does she expect you to really get into the class if you can't just relax? She needs to relax and just learn to stop and smell the roses.

  4. @ JMG - Trump should review all Liv Tyler movies. Up next: Armageddon.

  5. The only exercise women should be doing is kegels. So this woman was clearly wasting her time, anyway...

  6. Yoga's not a date! It's an EXERCISE REGIMEN! What was the lady THINKING


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