Story Sent in by Mala:

Travis invited me on a date to his backyard with the novel phrase, "I turned it into a whole mini-golf course. You have to come check it out!" I liked mini-golf so that's exactly what I did.

Turns out his "whole mini-golf course" was a single hole dug into the grass. That was it. He invited his friends over and they drank themselves stupid and took turns whacking at a golf ball (and each other) with a putter. When Travis shattered one of his own house's windows with the putter, I decided it was time to go.

On my way to my car, Travis chased after me and asked me why I was leaving. I told him I didn't really feel safe there and he told me that I was just upset because I didn't have a turn with the putter. He told me to stay where I was while he ran and grabbed it. But I left before he came back.


  1. Travis's mini-golf course was not up to par so Marla took off like an eagle.Another bogey bites the dust...

    1. Your puns are a hole in one today Mel!

  2. So THIS is what Tiger is up to these days...

  3. OP left a shitty date. OP gets a cookie.

  4. Apparently Travis could have been onto something profitable if only he had worked a tiny bit harder at the mini golf part of it. Then OP wouldn't have had to leave. Of course, it may have turned out badly down the line anyway...

  5. OP was lucky she left before Travis tried to play the back nine.


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