And This Is Their Legacy

Email Sent in by Bill:

Did you reserve this space? I ask because if no one else is using it I will. About my life? I am a 20-2139382something who works in a university archaeology department. I work in the department that found the bones of Harappan people the world over. They occupied a land larger than China, India, and Russia all put together. Statistically you have dead Harappans under your house! Do not dig for them because there might be electrical wires buried there. Imagine being dead and having wires buried around you. Imagine being dead. Now I'm all dark lol.



  1. She's nervous and awkward in an email... How would she cope in real life?

    Anyway, Harappan civilisation sounds interesting, so I'd give her a chance anyway, to see if the second email is just as nervous and awkward...

  2. Yeah aside from being a bit awkward she seems pretty cool. OP might be a bit uptight.

  3. Absolutely no bones about it, there were some cute/interesting parts of her email. But in the end she left the whole situation in ruins. He was really the one who missed out though, everyone knows that archaeologists will date anything. And she'd only get more interested in him the older he got! Although women love digging up the past so maybe he dodged a bullet in the end anyway...


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