Red All Over

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Story Sent in by David:

Maggie and I went to an art supply store to come up with fun ideas for something we could make together. I thought it would be fun to make some sort of sculpture and she wanted to paint. While in the store, we went our separate ways for a little bit to get some ideas.

When I found her, she was in the paint aisle opening and testing out tubes of paint right there on the shelves. She said, "They don't have any samples and the colors on the tubes are never accurate to how it really looks."

I wasn't sure yet what the store's policy was but I was pretty sure that by opening all of those tubes of paint, she would have to pay for them - and by the looks of things, she would end up owing hundreds of dollars.

Sure enough a clerk came over and told Maggie that she couldn't sample the tubes and that she was going to have to buy them. Maggie then backed away, looked like she was about to cry, and pointed at me. "It was him! He did it! He did it all! Not me!"

She then ran for the front of the store. The clerk yelled, "Adina! Call the police!" and ran after Maggie.

It was a really bad situation and I didn't want to be there for it so I made for the store's back room (I figured if I was caught I could say I was looking for the bathroom), found an exit, and left that way. I have no idea what happened to Maggie. It had been our second date and she never contacted me again.


  1. I think Maggie and David would of been better off getting some
    Play-Doh and finger paints.Now we will never know what they could of made together...

  2. Replies
    1. Brave Sir Robin ran away.
      Bravely ran away away.
      ("I didn't!")
      When danger reared it's ugly head,
      He bravely turned his tail and fled.
      ("I never!")
      Yes, brave Sir Robin turned about
      And gallantly he chickened out.
      ("You're lying!")
      Swiftly taking to his feet,
      He beat a very brave retreat.
      Bravest of the brave, Sir Robin!

  3. On another completely separate note, JMG that Trump movie review blog was killing me this morning! Well done sir, well done. Please have him review 1984 next. I'm going to be spreading that link around like an STD.

    1. Ok, just finished reading them all. I'm gonna need to see a review of RENT on there.

    2. They're absolutely fabulous!! Can I see some Chicago?

  4. Just like they had to pay up with their lives for bothering the rabbit, she had to pay up for being an absolute moron. OP, why did you run? I mean, bad situation I get it, but you couldn't be held liable for something you weren't part of. You came up after she did it, told her she couldn't do it, and she kept doing it. No guilt.


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