Lettuce Leave

Story Sent in by Isla:

Ben took me to a grocery store for our date. He led me to the produce section, handed me a head of lettuce, took one for himself, ripped his open right there, tore a handful, ate it, and told me, "Chow down, toots."

I put my own head of lettuce back on the shelf and told him I'd probably be up to something else entirely that night. That something else consisted of going home and watching episodes of Who's the Boss? But it wasn't with Ben so that was ultimately a win.


  1. Hey Angela, why don't you put an egg in your shoe and beat it?

  2. "Ultimately". Lettuce remember that Ben was just ultimately screening for dinner wh0res.

    1. Seemed successful, too!

    2. Because lettuce is just one of those needful things...

  3. Vegetarian zombie looking for lettuce brain in lettuce head desperate for companionship.


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