It Doesn't Mean Food From Indiana?

Story Sent in by Kenny:

Evelyn and I agreed to go to an Indian restaurant for our first date. What I guess she somehow didn't realize was that it was Indian as in southeast Asia, not American Indian. So she was pretty shocked when we showed up.

She said, "This is not the Indian I wanted. Can we go to an actual American Indian place?"

I couldn't think of anywhere around that had American Indian food and so I told her that we could go somewhere else but that finding an American Indian food place would probably be impossible.

Then she said, "Well I'm kind of in the mood for it, now."

I asked her, "When was the last time you had it?"

She said, "I don't know. You can't find us a place?"

To be fair I actually did look for local places that had American Indian food. The best thing I could find was a Mexican place that had some Maya corn dishes. I asked her if that would be okay.

She groaned and said, "I guess."

We went to the Mexican place and the entire time she complained that it wasn't, "authentic American Indian." So I told her that next time we went out she could take me to her favorite American Indian place. That shut her up and wouldn't you know it, we never went out again.


  1. My great grandmother was 100% Pawnee so I grew up eating some Native American foods.I remember her pumpkin soup with acorn squash bread.Pemmican is my favorite snack as I always take it with me on hikes and bike rides.I think Evelyn is a decedent of Christopher Columbus because he also got Native Americans confused with Indians too.Then again I'm also Italian so I'm confused as well as having a hankering for some pumpkin soup.Making a women think always shuts her up,good move Op.You chose...wisely.

    1. Oh, my eccentric Melanie... don't ever change!

  2. Her: this isn't the indian I wanted, can we go to an actual place?
    Best you: NO
    Her: well i'm kinda in the mood for it now.
    Best you: Tough.
    Her: whine whine whine mope mope
    Best you: *walks away*
    Seriously, dont be a doormat to irritating girls it wont work

  3. Weren't there any Indian casinos around? You coulda grabbed a buffalo burger...

  4. Best you: which OP did, tries to look up a place.
    Then asks dates where she ate it last and not take IDK as an answer. Or an " I guess".
    Stop the whining before the wine and dine.

    I'd go for the buffalo burger or a good vegetarian restaurant.

  5. I'm pretty sure Native Americans didn't eat buffalo burgers any more than the ate wild hog.

    1. Bananas, just because you're 1/8 Chippewa, doesn't make you the expert on traditional First Nation diets. GOD!

    2. I prefer to spell it "Ojibwe," thank you

  6. He coulda suggested cooking it themselves. Then at least he could insist on her being appropriately attired for the occasion.

    1. True story - I went to Jamestown, VA, where they have a recreation of the colonial settlement. They had cute girls presumably right out of college, dressed in essentially "deerskin bikinis." To make things even better, they were well versed in history, as you'd imagine. Being someone with a history degree myself, I was pretty much in heaven talking to the girls about the virtues of dugout canoes vs. birchbark canoes. I'd take that over the strip club any day!

    2. Steve makes sure to quote"deerskin bikinis"


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