Eye Just Can't

Story Sent in by Robin:

On our date, James wore the freakiest contact lenses I'd ever seen. They made his eyeballs look like two little dark points. And this was in April, not Halloween. I asked him early in the date why he had them in and if he could remove them.

He asked me, "Do they really freak you out that much? That's how all girls look to guys. Predatory and scary. So I think I'll leave them in."

And so he did. He freaked out the host, the waitress, and - and! He went out of his way to stare at everyone who walked past us, male or female. I didn't want to know what he'd break out at a second date and so that was our only time out together.


  1. Ladies and gentleman, the attention wh0re. there is a common misconception that these can only be female, but you can always find the males hovering around the local hot topic watering hole. What a marvel of nature.

  2. I, for one, like predatory females, especially of the cougar variety...

  3. OP stayed on a shitty date. OP owes us cookies.

  4. I think Op was being a bit more judgy then she let on.It was not OP's place to ask James to take out his contacts.Op should of said that she preferred his natural eyes better if she wanted a way to let James know that the contacts were not appealing to her.Personally,I think Op's reaction might have rubbed James the wrong way and so he decided to prove a point by being as creepy as the contacts.As someone who has had every color of hair under the sun and was a goth and yes,I use to wear purple contacts,I can understand wanting to make a statement.However you have to deal with the negative attention in a positive way without being a jerk.James decided not to take the high road.I use to work at Hot topic as a teen Briana,lol.It was and still is the local watering hole for "unique snow flakes".


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