That Explains It

Email Sent in by Alan:


Can you tell me what you mean on your profile when you say you are seeking a woman. Does it mean you cannot find women anywhere or you are seeking one woman in particular. I do not know the answer so I hope you can make it easy to understand. There are lots of women around if you are looking for one. Al you need to do is ask! We will tell you if we are a woman or not. I am a woman for instance. Can you remind me of why you can't tell if you are around women. Maybe you are blind or have no eyes. Check nect time.

Audrey O.


  1. I think she was just trying to be funny and is not very good at talking to people

    1. Agreed. It seems to be tongue in cheek and humourous. I'd certainly play along. Maybe OP is humourless and it is Audrey who dodged the bullet?

  2. Hello-ello-ello.... Is anyone there-re-re..?

    1. Just nod if you can hear me.
      Is there anyone home?

  3. Sounds like me but with less grammar errors and I would have been oozing with coyness.


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