It Is Known, Khaleesi

Story Sent in by Lily:

Chris and I were on our first date and he asked me if I believed in past lives. I joked that I was once Cleopatra. He said, "Don't joke. Past lives are real. Someone probably was Cleopatra."

When I asked him to clarify he said, "There's overwhelming scientific evidence. The New Delhi Brain Institute and the University of Kentucky did a joint study of 800 people and were able to trace back most of their past lives. The subjects were coming up with all sorts of historical events that they experienced that they couldn't possibly have known ahead of time. And the team found the events actually happened. We've all lived past lives."

Ready to decide that this would be our one and only date, I asked him, "What were you in a past life?"

With a straight face he said, "A giant flying lizard. Like a master quetzalcoatlus or a proto-dragon lord."

And now he's a middle manager at a sneaker company. What a far fall from grace for one of the great sky-kings of old. It was our only date.


  1. Don't be a hater, OP... the economy has shifted from dragony stuff to post-industrial sneaker stuff. A guy's gotta find work where he can!

  2. What's better, to be born good, or to over come your evil nature through great effort? - Chris to the Dragonborn


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