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WHat do you do when you run in a gang? I used to now that life is behind me and I have a 1yo year old daughter to take care of. Wasn't a violent gang but more of what I would call a nerd gang. We ran with the best of them and now that life is behind me for good. Can I take you eriously if you write me? The law is not after me. I have a 1yo (yeard old) daughter. She is my life. The gang is in my past. Will not touch her. I have never once killed but if they touch her they will die. If you write me and you are one of them in secret and are after my daughter than you will die too. SOrry.


  1. A nerd gang that's not breaking the law... Can it just be called "mates", "pals" or "friends"?

  2. The nerds are coming and they want the blood of her firstborn daughter.

  3. I just can't take this person "eriously"

  4. It was not a gang made up of grammar or spelling nerds that much is clear.


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