Rabbits and Pieces

Story Sent in by Mark:

For our first date I took Reba to a nature center and she was obsessed with the rabbits. There were geckos, tarantulas, and even sheep to see. But no. The rabbits were her be-all, end-all. To be fair they were cute. But come on. A half hour pointing at them and making baby faces at them and tapping on the glass? Enough already.

I went on to explore the nature center on my own and she eventually found me to ask, "Do you think we can go to a pet store? I've decided I want a breeding pair of rabbits."

It was a stupid idea and I was admittedly stupid for going along with her but go along I did. We wound up a little down the road at a pet shop and she went right for the rabbits, asking the shop worker for a breeding pair. The worker asked Reba a bunch of questions about where she was going to keep them and how she was planning to feed them and keep them warm and so on. Reba countered most of these questions with, "I'll figure it out as I go along."

Somehow she wound up with two rabbits and she then asked me to drive her home so that she could "set them up" and "watch them breed." I did as she asked, as I was ready for the date to end. I never called her again.


  1. OP, you are mean. Abandoning your new family like that, without ever enquiring nor providing. So, so mean OP.

  2. "Maybe they can watch US breed..."

  3. See, it all starts with a simple date and some nice rabbits, but eventually.....

  4. Whelp, that's a kink I'd never heard of before.

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  6. A subscription to the National Geographic channel would probably be cheaper, in the long run...


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