Going Bananas

Story Sent in by Marion:

In one of my first messages to Kurt it came up that I liked bananas. So on our date he brought me a bunch of green ones. He asked me then and there if I wanted to eat one and I told him that they were a little too green for me.

He then said that he'd hang onto them until they were yellow and give them to me again, in order to make sure there was a second date.

The date itself wasn't the worst but there was zero chemistry (seriously - all he talked about was his garden and the bugs that lived in it). I decided quickly that there wouldn't be a second date.

As predicted, he emailed me a day later to ask me out again. He told me that the bananas would be edible by the time I saw him once more. I wrote back to him that I appreciated the offer but that I wasn't that into him.

There was no response for a few days and I thought he'd just disappear. But then he sent me a photo of banana peels and wrote, "I had to eat them all. They were going brown. Sorry. How about that second date? I'll bring the peels so you can at least lick them."

I didn't reply.


  1. OP lacks sufficient potassium in her diet - Kurt dodged a major bullet.

  2. "What part of 'not into you' do you not understand?!"

  3. Kurt seems like a catch. Who wouldn't want to lick his banana peel?

  4. Kurt's mind:
    Step one, bring her some bananas.
    Step two, ?
    Step three, blowjob!


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