You the Mandroid

Email Sent in by Frederick:

What is your favorite dessert? I will make it! What is your favorite place to go? Let us go there together! What is your favorite MANDROID-MANDROID? We can build it together and have a MANDROID-MANDROID in the party circle. My ideal friday night is taking out a canvas and putting whatever we want on it. Anything goes in the art world today. You profile says you are involved in the art world. That means that you might with with galleries. Can you look at me bytes and see if I will be a good fit for your gallery? I can do any kind of art. You think about it and I will make it. Sorry time to to fill MANDROID-MANDROID.



  1. Sounds like she could have been after his MANDROID-MANDROID. Eh? Eehh?? I'll see myself out.

    1. Shh! It's a secret! If people found out about that the anti AI movement would try to kill him and the government would confiscate it.

    2. Unless you meant his MANDROID-MANDREL, then yeah.

  2. Ipdar, are you assuming Bill's gender? How terrible. Truly deplorable. Sicko.

  3. $100 says Bill's "art" is coating his MANDROID-MANDROID in paint and slapping it repeatedly on canvas.


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