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Are you tired of all the dating stuff? Then you should date me. If you did you wouldn't have to date anyone else. Again. Ever. I would make sure that you only dated me and only me. We would go out for sandwiches togehter. We would wash my car together. We would even make foods together all the time. But no loud music. I cannot stand it no matter what the genre and if I hear it one more time I will snap. Can you be the one I threaten my neighbors with. Thank you.


  1. A Dateline special waiting to happen.

  2. Full mark for humour with the last line!

  3. Last time on Fatal Vows, we looked at a man searching for a God-fearing MANDROID-MANDROID he could make part of the party, but he soon learned technology could fail at the deadliest of moments. Today, we look at a man and his obsession with loud music that threatened his neighbors and the love of his life. Stay tuned for the deadly conclusion.

  4. I would date this guy. Until the new Gorillaz album comes out. But I'd be down for the sandwiches in the meantime.

    1. What about washing his car? If it's important enough to make it into the profile, you're definitely going to be doing some car washing (quietly and with no loud music).


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