Project Runaway

Story Sent in by Terry:

I arrived early at the restaurant where I was planning to meet up with Stephanie. She texted me after a little bit to say that she was close by and had some car trouble. I asked her where she was, she replied, and I left to go meet up with her.

She was a couple blocks away and her car wouldn't start. I tried a few things but nothing worked. I asked her if she had AAA or a similar auto club membership.

She said, "No. I'll be right back," and went into a nearby clothing store. I thought it was maybe to ask for help or use a phone.

When she didn't come out after a little bit I went into the store to see what she was up to. She was trying on clothes. I asked her if she had called for help or whatever and she said she hadn't.

I explained, "You probably want to get your car looked at."

She ignored that and tried on more clothes. I finally asked her, "Did you want to get dinner?"

She said, "Hit the brakes, man. I'm busy right now."

She just kept trying on outfit after outfit and ignoring me. I figured that she had had second thoughts about the date (maybe because I couldn't magically fix her car?) and so I told her I was going to leave.

She said, "You can't wait for me?"

I said, "I've been waiting. Watching you play fashion show isn't how I imagined my evening."

She said, "Go out and wait by my car. I'll be out in a sec."

I went out to wait by her car. She didn't come out for a while and so I left her there. What happened to her after that, I don't know.


  1. Stephanie thinks she's the queen of sheeba.She wants to be fanned and fed grapes.And she wants a man to hold her purse and be quiet while she tries on clothes in peace.Car problems?No one has time for that when fashion is concerned.Op is not the man she is looking for.After she told him to"Hit the breaks".Op should of got into his car and hit the gas pedal.It would of be better suited to have left sooner then later.

  2. You went whaaat? You did wait by her car?

    Seems she had second thoughts indeed about the date and pulled one out of the hugely successful book 1001 dickish ways to dump your date when you're not into them" (I'm yet to write it). But her asking him to wait... Is a bit baffling.

    1. Yes that part baffles me too... I figured she was not into him from the start but why ask him to go wait for her by her car? I guess she didn't have the courage to tell him she wasn't interested in him. I can't believe he actually went and waited...lol

  3. This date seriously thought she was god's gift to men. Telling OP that he could go wait by her car and expecting him to be grateful?! OP definitely should not have waited around though. It kind of ruined his vibe.

  4. She said, "Go out and wait by my car."

    I went out to wait by her car.

    Good boy!

    1. Hehe I was thing what a good, obedient little dog... Sighs :P

  5. OP should consider himself lucky... usually, when a car doesn't start on a date, it's after a heated makeout sesh in the woods, rudely interrupted by some hoofprints on the window...

  6. OP, were you wearing an AstroTurf shirt that said "Welcome" on the front?


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