That's the Way the Cinnamon Rolls

Story Sent in by Sherryl:

Before we went out for our date, Charles asked me what my favorite dessert was. The first thing that came to mind were cinnamon rolls and so I told him that.

When we were out to dinner together he asked me if I wanted to go out for cinnamon rolls after the meal. I told him we could play it by ear. Maybe he thought that meant that I wasn't into him. What it actually meant was that I would likely be too full from dinner for dessert although I was open to the idea when the time came.

Regardless, after we stepped out of the restaurant he again asked me if I was in the mood for a cinnamon roll. Then without waiting for a response he shoved me and said, "You'll never get a roll! Never!" and hightailed it away.

Needless to say, we didn't go out ever again.


  1. And the dish starred in awe as the spoon ran away,to a place where cinnamon rolls would never be questioned or insulted with hesitation.Sometimes you just have to roll with it baby....

    1. How does a dish star? And I see that cinnamon rolls are still insulted and questioned in this world, it's just that people do so with hesitation. This is a world I would like to live in one day. "that cinnamon roll is....ugly?"

      teasing aside, can we discuss how odd that whole thing at the end was? OP don't rationalize the crazy of others.

    2. I had to turn my auto corrector off.It kept saying I was making errors.To quote Gary Busey"I don't think so,I feel so."

      As for OP being shoved for not saying yes to cinnamon rolls right away...she should of said"You'll never get a roll in the hay,never!"I have never heard of anyone so emotional about cinnamon rolls.I bet he had them waiting in his car or...his pocket.

    3. Reer! Catfight! Don't worry, ladies... there is plenty of Steve to go around...

  2. "...I would likely be too full from dinner for dessert..." Wait, what?

  3. Ugh, I was all excited about the Charles date. My submission was with a man named Charles. Ya'll need to post mine because it is way worse than some most of these guarantee lmao

    1. I have a Charles date story too.It was so bad I was expecting Chris Hansen to show up in my kitchen with a plate of cookies...


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