The Way We Purr

Story Sent in by Jeffrey:

Erika arrived for our date wearing black cat ears and a tail. I asked her if she had come from a costume party and said that she hadn't. In fact her explanation was, "I've always wanted to be a cat so I try to dress like one whenever possible."

I'd hoped she'd take off the get-up for dinner but she didn't. In fact at one point she even licked the back of her hand over and over again like a real cat.

My guess was that she was into some sort of kink scene (it was a little weird but I guessed that I could be into it) and so I asked her point blank if that was her game. But she flatly denied it and even seemed offended that I had brought it up. Then she hissed at me - again, like a real cat.

It was a warm evening so we took a little walk in a town park by a river. When we reached the bridge she chased her tail around for a few minutes. It was really something to see. But at the last I decided that I'd rather date a woman and not a cat.


  1. I remember when I wanted to be a cat.I also had ears and a tail.But then I grew up and decided to be a bunny instead.Cat's can be a bit finicky.Op upset his date by asking if she was into the fury culture.He should of smoothed things over with a saucer of warm milk and some catnip.Then he took his date for a walk...that only works for dogs.I'm betting OP is more of a dog person.

  2. Thank god you didn't walk through a playground with a sand box. That could have been awkward.

  3. In the current political climate, it's pretty dangerous to be a feline...

  4. I think this is something that basic chicks just do. I've known at least 3 girls that acted like cats, and thought they were SO interesting for doing so. One told me that she'd "always felt a connection to cat-like beings." Sure, whatever, lady...

  5. So she WASN'T a thinly veiled kinkster testing the waters? Hm, got me stumped.


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