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Story Sent in by Nancy:

I went to college for voice and Malcolm was a guitarist I met in one of my larger classes. He sang, he composed, and he played his guitar better than Johnny B. Goode. I was smitten. We talked a lot and it seemed as though he was really into me, too. I was bold and so I asked him if he wanted to go out the next weekend. He said he'd let me know the answer by song the next day. So creative!

Right before class the next day he gathered everyone around and played his answer-song for me. I couldn't wait to hear it...

...and it was all about how ugly I was and how he hated me and didn't want to go out with me at all. I was beyond mortified.

For whatever it was worth, my classmates had my back. They booed him and even threw their lunches at him. He just kept playing through it all, made a big bow, and left the room. He didn't even stay for class. He lost a lot of respect that day (especially from me) and we never spoke again.

That was several years ago. He recently sent me a friend request on Facebook and I denied him. He then sent me an email saying that he had "fond memories" of me. I'm sure he must have meant someone else. Or else he's just stupid in addition to crazy.


  1. Either Malcolm's song of mocking Op was a bad attempt at humor and he did like her(but then if that were the case he would of said that and apologized) or he has delusions of adequacy of being a human being.He has fond memories of Op...fond memories of trying to humiliate her.Sounds like he raised himself up to more of a jerk then he could be...

  2. Guitarists are always prima donnas. In college, banging hot chicks was probably like shooting fish in a barrel for him. Now that he's old/fat/bald, things are quite different for him. He's going through his old Rolodex thinking "hey, THIS girl used to want to bang me! I should hit her up!"

    Don't ask me how I know about this stuff...

    1. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!

  3. If this story took place today, this guy would have a scraggly beard, man-bun, and thong sandals.


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