The Feeling Is Mutual

Story Sent in by Lawrence:

Barbara didn't say much during our date. She seemed really furious about something. It was clear from early on when she swung open the door to the restaurant and almost hit me in the face with it - and without an apology. When we sat down it was more of the same. Her breathing was shallow and she seemed to be trembling with rage.

"What's wrong?" I asked her.

"Nothing that's your fault," she replied. That was the only answer she gave me.

She was angry all through dinner and despite my valiant attempts she simply wouldn't open up. It was because of this that I asked her to split the check with me. She did without saying anything but after it was paid we sat in relative silence for a few minutes. I just kind of waited for her to say something/anything. She just sort of stared off into nothing.

Then without warning she banged the table, said, "I hate everything!" and left without another word.

Point taken.


  1. I would not have left that kind of behavior go on.I would see if the person wanted to converse about something and if they did not and just wanted to brood in silence then I would of left them alone and by that I mean call it a night and wish them well and leave.Being in the presence of angry silence is not something I would feel comfortable with.People have bad days.Shit happens but you can't let your mood ruin someone else's day.Check your baggage because carrying all that negative weight around is exhausting not just for you but for everyone you come in contact with.I

  2. One thing I like about Barbara: she told the OP it was nothing if his fault. Good on her. I know plenty of girls who would blame EVERYTHING on the closest male around. Especially if the male happened to be a date/boyfriend...


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