Times I Wish I Was Unlucky

Email Sent in by Ashley:

Pretty lady:

You are the luckiest woman because your are so pretty. Did anyone ever tell you that you are the luckiest? I am sure they todl you you are the prettiest but the luckiest might be something new. Maybe I will stand out from all the mails you reveive. Have you seen my profile? I will wait while you look at it. Have you looked at it? Read the essays to. No one always reads the essays. They just stop at the pics but not someine as lucky as you. Some say I wear my hat to much and some say I have blubber. I will leave it to you to judge and find me lucky as you.

Lucky Brett

1 comment:

  1. I'm picturing Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons wearing a hat made of rabbit's feet.

    Surprisingly, when I Googled that, nothing useful came up.


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