I Can Guess

Story Sent in by Laura:

I was out in a park with Tim on a first date when he asked me if I liked guys in boxers, briefs, or boxer-briefs. I told him that boxers and boxer-briefs were my preference.

He then went behind a pine tree, pulled down his pants, and I saw (it was a thin pine tree) that he had on a pair of briefs over a pair of boxer-briefs over a pair of boxers. He took off the briefs, tossed them on the ground, pulled his pants back up, stuffed the briefs into his pocket, and returned to me as if nothing at all was weird.

"Just in case," he told me.

In case of what? I couldn't guess. After a quick coffee I had "someplace to be" and ended the date.


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    1. "Come coffee?!" Ewww, I'm sure that's JUST the kind of coffee Tim wanted to give OP...

    2. Good thing Op didn't say she likes men that go commando because who knows what would of happened then.After Tim said"just in case" OP should of held up some pepper spray and said"just in case"But still after that she soldiered on and got coffee with him.Next time things get awkward cut the date at first signs of awkward.Then go get c̶o̶m̶e̶ some coffee...Thanks Steve for the correction.Boy,do I have egg on my face...

  2. Was your date named Martin?

    So even after he lost the tighty whities, he was still wearing boxers AND boxer briefs? He was bringing his A game! Hope you brought yours too OP.

  3. ... What the heck? It's hard to believe something like this really happens in real life! Why even bother going for coffee? I'd just say I don't feel well or something and leave!


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