The Importance of Being Nothing Important

Story Sent in by Edward:

At a first date dinner with Laura, she showed me lots of photos of her most recent ex. She said she was over him and then in the next breath she asked me if I thought she was dating again too soon.

I did my best to advise her while all the while knowing that this wasn't going to move beyond a first date. I told her it sounded like she wasn't really over him and that she should maybe take her time with it before going out with people.

She then pulled out her phone and actually called the guy up. They had a brief, awkward chat. I wondered if she had been in touch with him at all since the breakup. She looked me right in the eye when she told him that she wasn't up to anything important. Then she asked him when she could see him again.

Apparently he said, "Right now," because she put some money on the table, gave me a parting glance, and left while still on the phone and without a goodbye. She didn't even text me to apologize for her rudeness. I have no idea if she got back together with him. At least everything worked out for one of us.


  1. Because Op Wasn't being Earnest....Laura did all kinds of dating "no no's" so Op,can sleep well at night.As for Laura,she's no doubt spooning her ex's t-shirt at night...

  2. I hope OP stared right back at her.

    She called her ex right in front of you OP! Damn! Well, at least she didn't "run into him" while you two were on your date.

    1. Not gonna lie, I was expecting a photo of Steve Buscemi or Gary Busey or someone equally as creepy. Maybe a little Nick Nolte or Phil Spector? Anyway, I'm a little disappointed with your memes today, Archie. Can't fault you, though, I've been off my game a lot lately, so.

    2. Off my game?! Well, after looking back, I think you could be right. I did already use Sam L. once this week. But Arnold and Predator?! That was gold! Just the same, I'll try and up my game.

  3. She put money on the table?! Boooo! Laura... sweetie... you're doing it wrong! Someone needs to teach this girl how to dinner wh0re...

  4. I am 100% sure we have had this exact story before. Wonder if it was the same woman and/or the same ex...

  5. I am 100% sure we have had this exact story before. Wonder if it was the same woman and/or the same ex...


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