Whatever That Is, Do It Somewhere Else

Email Sent in by Jason:


Your profile photos are really funny. Who took them? I want to know all because I want funny profile photos too. The one of you laughing made me assnort. You and you aare not bad looking. You are actually pretty good looking as a guy. Can you write me a funy joke? I want to imagine you laughing at it and omg I just looked at your photos again.....!!!! I'm making the one of you on the left my background. It is so funny why would you let someone take your photo mid assnort? Thank you for this!!!!!



  1. My funny valentine.Sweet,smelly valentine.You make me smile when you asssnart.Your looks are laughable,unphotographable.Yet you're my favorite work of art...

  2. I give this drunken email a solid 5/7.


    1. I'd give that link a solid 5/7. Thanks for providing the context Bananas :-)

  3. Also, how are we meant to pronounce assnort? She wrote it that way twice, so it must have been on purpose. So, tell me. Is it as-snort or ass-nort?

    These are the questions our society needs to be asking, people.

    1. Actually according to the urban dictionary the correct pronunciation of the word is "Snart"or "Snarted" if it's past tense.But alas our dear Clara is clueless on so many levels.Not only does she need some Gas-X but she needs to stop making up her own words because "Assnort" will never catch on.That is so not Fetch!

    2. But.....but......pot......kettle........black.....
      *head explodes*

  4. Hey, it's not his fault if he assnorts. Give the guy a chance!

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