And Then He Ate It

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Story Sent in by Catherine:

Darren and I went to a pottery class. We were each given some clay and could make just about anything we wanted to. I planned to make a mug and I kneaded my clay to remove all the air bubbles and prep it for shaping.

Darren pounded at his clay with his fists. It was loud, disconcerting, and embarrassing. I asked him to stop and he said, "I'm pretending it's my uncle's face." He then slammed at it even harder.

I finished my mug as quickly as I could, glazed it, brought it to the instructor for it to be fired in the kiln (I'd pick it up two days later), and then left. Darren didn't even see me go.


  1. If I could shape the perfect woman out of clay, I'd make Bananas... <3

    1. Trust me, you do NOT want two of me in this world.

      This guy is either crazy or wanted to get rid of her.

    2. Not a duckface pic, but still fap-worthy.

  2. Yet another example of how to pretend to look like a douchebag when you're not into your date?

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks for the NSFW warning, dude.

    2. Magnolia, if a crappy claymation GIF is enough to get you in trouble at work, you should probably just quit.

  4. A part of me was hoping she would ask him again to quiet down with him then shouting "Hulk SMASH!"

  5. "Show us on the clay where the bad man touched you."

  6. No one is going to say it? Really, no one?? Okay, fine, I will. This guy's not as good as Patrick Swayze.

  7. But look what a good protector he would be! Why ever did you leave, think of the enemies he could smite for you with his mad clay punching skills!


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