All the Men I've Loved Before

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Story Sent in by Vinn:

For our first date, Alice took me on a tour of her hometown, which is to say that she showed me everywhere that had once been romantically important to her. She showed me a diner and said, "That's where I went on my first two dates with Roger." We went by a bench and she said, "That's where Geoff first kissed me." We went by a parking lot and she said, "That's where Daniel stuck his hand up my skirt and squeezed my ass."

She'd give me the tour as if I cared and as if I knew who any of these guys were. When I was tired of her game I asked her if she was ready for dinner.

She responded, "You can take me to Jim's, John's, or Rudy's."

I hadn't heard of those places. "Are those diners?"

She said, "Those aren't the actual place names. They're just places I associate with each guy who took me there. Depends what you're in the mood for."

"What kind of cuisine is at each?"

"Jim's is Italian, John's is Chinese, and Rudy's is like an Asian fusion sort of place."

I said, "Let's go to the Asian fusion place."

She responded, "I prefer Jim's. He was best of the three in the sack."

We went to Jim's. The whole time she talked about Jim and how much she missed him and what a great guy he was and how he just had to move to Russia and ruin their whole relationship. Anyway we split the check and I was out of there.


  1. Probably zero self-esteem and needed to do all of that to validate herself. The harder a girl fights to show that she's desirable to men, the less she probably feels like she is.

    1. In my opinion based on previous personal experience

    2. I'd appreciate it if you stepped up your desirablility for ME, please.

    3. Not into the jaundiced look?

    4. Agreed. I also considered she might try to see if he would get jealous. A lot of girls will name drop other guys. They feel that jealousy equates to care.

    5. OMG, Bananas stepped up her desirability for me by posting a new profile pic! fapfapfap!

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