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Story Sent in by Sharon:

Daniel and I met in a parking lot near the restaurant where we were supposed to go out to eat. When he came up to me he asked, "Which car is yours?"

I showed him my Audi. He laughed and said, "That's not your car."

"Yeah, it is."

He said, "How can that be your car? It's an Audi."

I replied, "So what?"

He asked, "And you can afford an Audi? Come on. Where's your real car? Or do you even actually own one?"

I said, "This is my real car! I have the key right here. I can show you–"

He laughed again and walked away. "Whatever. I don't go out with liars."

I jumped into my car, turned it on, and blew right past him, honking the horn. And I didn't stop. I was hurt, confused, and mad. But he was going home without getting any and I was going home in my own car. So whatever.


  1. He couldn't handle the fact thay you had nicer toys than him.

  2. It's either as Duck says or he was trying to make an excuse as lame as he is because he didn't like what he saw

  3. So whose car was it really?

  4. Did he drive in a Civic?

  5. OP, it was nice of your brother to let you borrow his car! And I like how you punished the perp by disallowing him access to your lady parts. That'll learn 'im!

  6. So....you were gong to sleep with him on the first date? Why did I never meet these girls when I was dating? Oh wait, I remember.

    I think her date was mad because he was planning on telling her the Audi was HIS car.

    1. Riiight? That was my takeaway from that... she either planned on sleeping with a stranger, or otherwise thinks her hoohah is so magical that the denial of it is some kind of awesome punishment... kinda strange. She's also under the assumption that he "wanted some..." Because "all guys want that," I guess...

      UNLESS, by saying he didn't "get any," she meant he didn't get any moo goo gai pan from the chinese restaurant they were supposed to go to, but didn't...

    2. Come on. Not necessarily. One good date could lead to a second good date which could lead to a relationship between a man and a women in which sexual intercourse will happen. No one will ever know when it would have happened since the prick laughed at her and the first date never happened.
      Finally, what's wrong anyway about woman wanting, or be open, to have sex on a first date?

    3. I'm with Benoit on that. A first date that leads to sex is probably a great date on both ends. Who wouldn't want that?

      This is assuming of course that they aren't struck down with a bolt of lightning for skipping the 3rd date rule, the filthy fornicators.

    4. Steve is a serial monogamist. The idea of hopping into bed with someone he knows virtually nothing about and has no real emotional connection with is wholly unappealing to him.


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