Throw Down

Story Sent in by Larry:

I was just walking alongside Christine on our second date when she ran for the gutter and threw up. Until that moment I had no idea that anything might have been wrong with her. I asked her if she was all right. She coughed and said that she was but we sat down on a nearby park bench all the same.

I asked her if I could buy her some water or anything else but she declined. Then she asked, "Have you ever kissed someone who just threw up?"

The question itself made me want to throw up. I told her I hadn't.

She said, "It's a weird sort of turn-on for me. I'll understand if it isn't, for you. But yeah. I think I'd be into it."

She was cute but there was no way I was going to taste her mouth at that moment. I told her I wasn't really into it and she seemed disappointed. She said she felt a bit queasy and so I made sure she arrived home safely and then went home, myself.

Neither of us ever contacted the other after that.


  1. Squeal! Brings back college memories... I totes used to make out with hot chicks after I just threw up. Suckas!

  2. Dear god, Christine, you don't bring up your fantasy in the middle of acting it out! That's a discussion to have beforehand!

    1. Eh, I'll give her points for giving him the choice to get involved. She probably set it up on purpose but it's not like she puked ON him.

  3. I was thinking that she was just nervous.....but after reevaluating, this girl is definitely into some kinky/disgusting stuff.

  4. Pro tip: Treat fetishes like you would politics or religion: until you know the person is receptive to your views, don't bring it up!

  5. Years ago, the Male Unit and I were watching a "Jerry Springer" show (or a show much like it, there were so many in the early 90's), and one of the guests was there to tell his wife he had been cheating on her with a woman who fulfilled his true fetish: they would vomit on each other whilst having sex.

    Given that show was 20-odd years ago, there's a good chance Vomit Boy is single and ready to upchuck & mingle. So there's hope for Christine yet.


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