The Winds of Winter

Story Sent in by Danny:

Grace and I went snowshoeing (it was my first time) at a nearby state park and somehow we got lost. She was pretty confident about her sense of direction and we forged on for a while. But no. She didn't know where she was going. And so we became even more lost.

She sank down and cried. "We're gonna die out here! We're gonna die, we're gonna die!"

I said, "We can probably call the police or someone to come help us. I still have cell service."

She said, "No! I'll get us out." She shot up and took off in another direction. Then another. Then another. After a half hour I called 911 on my own.

When Grace heard me talk to the operator she screamed at me, "Hang it up! Hang it up! I know where we are! Stop talking to them! Hang it up!"

I ignored her and calmly explained the situation to the operator. He recommended that I make for high ground or a landmark and then describe where I was. I headed toward higher ground and Grace trudged behind me. Way behind me.

Long story short, the operator helped me find our way out. Grace wouldn't speak to me as I drove her home, and she slammed my car door shut when she left. I don't know what was up her butt, and now that I'm with someone great, I no longer care.


  1. I think she just wanted you to stay cool under pressure. Her perfect man has ice running through his veins.

  2. Another OP blows it. You could have totally allowed yourself to get lost, then could have had an excuse to perform justifiable cannibalism on this chick. I mean, it's better than you BOTH dying, right? And don't tell me you've never fantasized about eating hot chicks, OP! But OP blew it, again. SMH...

  3. I'm with Steve on this. I'm all for eating chicks on the first date.


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