Some Bear Will Find It and Take Him up on It

Story Sent in by Cindy:

I sat down to first date dinner with Adam and he slipped something across the table at me. It was his resume.

"I don't require this," I said.

He urged me, "Read it. I'll wait."

I read it. It had his work history, his education, his software skills, and his non-software skills. That section read:

"Good with kids and adults in rural and urban situations. Fashionable. Can make love while keeping all of my clothing on."

He leaned in and asked, "Did you get to that last part?"


"So what do you think?"

I handed his resume back to him but he said, "Keep it as a souvenir."

"I will."

After dinner, I called up my cousin and went over to her house. We had a good laugh about it and made a kick-ass paper plane out of his resume. We lost it in the woods.


  1. "Can make love while keeping all of my clothing on."

    His future employers will be pleased to know.

    1. Well, in his defense, most naked men ARE pretty nasty-looking. So, some women might consider this skill to be highly-prized...

  2. I found the rest of his resume. I think she'd be better off with this guy.


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