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My older sister saved my life when I was 3 and she always rubs it in my face. And this PISSES ME OFF!!!!!! I WANT to undo the fact that I have a older sister so that I can claim the rights and properties and titles of my family. She is getting EVERYTHING in the divorce and all because my parents are like "you saved Dave when he was 3! You should get a medal and all our money and properties and titles! HERE DAVE'S OLDER SISTER COME LOVE US IN OUR BEDS BECAUSE YOU SAVED YOUR BROTHER. You can tell I am mad about this but I am focused and driven and that should be all that concerns a woman.


  1. I'm concerned about what "Love us in our beds" implies....

  2. I think everyone should be concerned. Mental health professionals, law enforcement agencies, the sister, the parents...

  3. Focus and drive is hawt in a mentally disturbed man. If he and his sister weren't such an item I'd stop being a lesbian and give him a chance.

    Serious comment: What.

  4. I'm concerned about his lack of grammar.

    Also, if he didn't have an older sister, he'd be dead. Hard to inherit shit if you're dead.

    Also also, why would the children get anything (aside from deep emotional scars *he said from experience*) in a divorce? Kids don't get shit. The adults are too busy fighting over who's getting the matching soup tureen and gravy boat for there to be anything left for the kids.

  5. What concerns me is that she is whining about her sister on a bad date website instead of the I hate my sister website.

    1. It looks like someone named Dave sent Bettie the e-mail. She wasn't whining about her sister here.


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