Juan Valdez's Revenge

Email Sent in by B.:

my comp is almost out of battery and so I have to write this fadt no time to even go back and change for taypos but I wanted to tell you that I love your profile and I think you sound pretty awesome! You are also pretty cute1 :0 You said in your prf that you enjoy skiing. Where do you ski around here I like June mountain but taster's choice do you like coffee remember the commercials with the funny heximexi guy who lived in your cupborad and gave you coffee every morning. He was neve rcaught thought eh was on fbi's 10 most wanted. Anyway you can call me if you want since that might be nicer to hear my voice you can call me at



  1. Cap my phone is also dying so I can't stop to check thpos either I think this was sort of funny but very strangg :0 pH well she needs to take a moment and calm down or at least find hr charger gag


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