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Story Sent in by Terri:

When Jay took me out for a first date drink he kept taking photos of me with his phone. At first I thought it was weird but didn't say anything. Then when he kept doing it I finally asked him why he was photographing me.

He told me it was because I was beautiful. I said to him that I wasn't comfortable with him taking photos of me every few seconds.

He said that I had to get used to it because he was going to show them to all of his friends and say I was his girlfriend and that he was going to Photoshop my head on naked models to show them that we had been naked together.

So I took my phone out and snapped a bunch of pictures of him! He laughed and asked if I was also going to Photoshop his head on models. I told him that I was going to Photoshop dicks all around him.

He stopped taking photos of me and left.


  1. Has this girl never watched any reality TV? You need the before and after photos for the big reveal at the end of the show! Documenting your victim throughout the entire murdering process is very important.

  2. Bananas applauds his artistic aspirations, as she has secretly always thought photographers are hawt. Photoshop skillz are a bonus! She'd totally give him a chance.

    1. Nope. Still suddenly gay for Anissa right now. Besides, for him to spill all of his plans right off the bat is terrible. I might have given him a chance because of his hawt photographer status, but he obviously can't keep secrets. Deal breaker.

    2. Hmmm... if we could somehow combine your newfound lesbiotic exploits with Jay's photography/photoshop skillz...dotdotdot...

  3. You could very well let him do it then sue the fuck out of him


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