A Brother's Love

Story Sent in by Wayne:

I was a college sophomore when I met Toni. She was a senior. We met and got along and when she learned my last name (Taylor) she asked me if I knew a Noah Taylor.

In fact I did. Noah's my brother. He went to the college a few years before I did. By coincidence Toni knew him. She said they had been friends. Noah and I were pretty close and I had never heard him mention her but that wasn't a big deal. She seemed really interested in me and I asked her out on a date.

At dinner she asked me a million questions. What was Noah up to? Did he still swim? Did he ever talk about her? How often did I see him? Did I think he'd come to visit me at school? Did I think Noah was cute? Did he have a girlfriend? Did I think they'd make a good couple?

Realizing that she was way more interested in Noah I asked her if she just wanted his email address so that she could contact him directly. She eagerly took it. I eagerly asked her to help me pay the check.

She didn't even thank me for Noah's email. I didn't ask her on a second date and of course she didn't contact me. But the next time I heard from Noah I asked him if Toni had emailed him.

He told me that she had and that he had blocked her instantly. In college they had gone on a couple of dates and she had stalked him at his classes, his dorm, and even the men's locker room before he had to threaten her to make her leave him alone.

Not too long after this Toni called me to ask me to confirm that Noah had received her email. I told her that I had no idea if he had received it and then she demanded that I ask him. I told her that if he had received it and wanted to write back, he'd write back.

She called me "worthless" before hanging up on me.


  1. I wish a girl loved me enough to stalk me... :'-(

    1. Bananas stalks you on here every day! Some guys have everything and just can't see it.

    2. Only when I antagonize her... She's said before that she clearly prefers you... :-( Plus, she's too busy popping out some other dood's babies...

    3. Wrong. I stalk ice cream trucks. Gotta have that Sonic popsicle.

      Also, am I the only one who wouldn't put it past crazy lady to have met this guy on purpose to get at his brother? Too much of a coincidence for this girl to stumble across the brother of the guy she stalked.

    4. "Also, am I the only one who wouldn't put it past crazy lady to have met this guy on purpose to get at his brother? Too much of a coincidence for this girl to stumble across the brother of the guy she stalked."

      Heh, I was thinking that too. That is pretty bad that we understand a stalker chicks mindset. :p

  2. We have ourselves a consolation date!

  3. I would hope that a friend/family member would ask before giving my e-mail out to someone. Maybe I don't want to hear from the person, as in this case.

  4. Do not give out personal info.

  5. I hope your brother doesn't end up Deadly Women, Snapped, Stalked, or any other of those fine shows because you handed out his email address.


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