Tally Ho!

Story Sent in by Ruth:

In high school Kenneth picked me up at my house to go on a date. The first thing I noticed on his passenger-side door was a series of tally marks, like he had been counting something. There were 10 of them. After I went into his car and said hi to him, I asked him what the marks were counting.

He said, "You'll see," and that was it.

Then he pulled onto the highway for some reason. For where we were going to dinner, he didn't need to drive on the highway. I asked him, "Where are we going?"

He replied, "Do you like country music?" and then blasted country through his speakers. It was so loud that I had to cover my ears.

"Turn it down!" I yelled, then reached for the volume knob. But it wasn't there. He had broken it off. I yelled at him to turn it off over and over and over. He laughed uncontrollably.

I kicked at his glove box and he said, "Don't kick my glove box!" then shortly turned off an exit and stopped the car. I ran out of it and he blasted away.

The next time I saw his car at school, it had one more tally mark. So I let the air out of all four of his tires. Maybe I saved someone else from becoming his victim.


  1. With the tally marks on his car and driving you off to who knows where, I was expecting something more sinister than country music.

    1. There is NOTHING more sinister than country music...

    2. Steve's got you there Duck.

  2. Chunky Horse has some tallies notched on the side of his horse trailer. Of course, they are for an entirely different thing altogether...dotdotdot...


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